Poem: We are of the earth - GTEC Reader

And to this earth
We shall return
Sun lives inside of us too

Let us be
A shimmering
On the surface
Of being
While the hunters’ guns
Echo in the forest below
While ravens discuss the business of skies
While our eyes remain open
For yet another day

Off trail deer trails
Old trails need pruning
Tending hemlock
Branches torn and ragged
Toss to the side to make track
For the bipeds
The old ways cleared

Listen as our steps
Braid together for a while
Medicine hangs from trees
What do you call it
Until it
Speaks its name?

Mosses calling in the autumn
Calling down the snow
Courting the white garment
In which they shall dance
In ermine brilliance
All the dark months through

Long / under / where
Listen as the companions call
We miss so much
we sit still

Om ah hung vajra guru pema siddi hung
Perpetual motion machine of awakening
listen / you
Can hear it now

It was so noisy in there
(They say) that I
Couldn’t hear
Myself think

The old
Still paths

What’s that I heard you say?
As in distill
The spirits

Spirit –
Spear it – It
Nothing behind
Or beneath

That which can’t be heard
The land
There is no word for It
In forest