GTEC Reader Vol 2, Issue 5 - Climate Crisis Education

VOLUME 2 – ISSUE 5, DEC 2021


Video interview with Arden Henley by Chris Kinman

Comments & Reflections

The Season of Light

“As bad as it is, it’s better than last year!” That’s what we seem to be saying to each other in our neighbourhood with the help of lots of bright…

In the Action at COP26

America’s climate envoy, John Kerry described the recent COP26 climate conference in Glasgow as the “last, best chance for the world to get its act together.” So, did the world…

A Pivotal Moment in Time

“Figuring out the physics behind climate change is 1,000 times easier than getting the world to do something about it.” — Syukoro Manabe 2021 Nobel Prize winner in Physics When…

Book Review by Ross Thrasher: The Premonition

Michael Lewis is a prolific storyteller. Movie buffs will recognize some of his nonfiction titles from which award-winning films have been made. Moneyball recounts the success of baseball executive Billy…


Chris Kinman

Chris Kinman is the Lead Counsellor at the Foundry in Penticton, BC. And Associate Professor at City University in Canada. Chris’ ground-breaking doctoral dissertation at Simon Fraser University entitled the river carries that which the mountains cannot hold sketched out a new methodology of understanding the relationship between the mind and the natural world. In addition to Chris’ interview of Arden Henley in this issue the salmon and mountain lion paintings are his work.

Mary Kean

Mary Kean recently retired from practicing couple and family counseling in Vancouver and teaching in the City U Canada, Masters of Counseling Program which she assisted in founding. Formerly a faculty member of the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetry at Naropa University, Mary’s publications include a book of poems entitled Critical Minutes. She was anthologized in Beneath a Single Moon, a collection of contemporary Buddhist poetry introduced by Gary Snyder.

Charles Scott

Dr. Scott is an Associate Professor in the Albright School of Education at City University in Canada and an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University. Research and writing interests include dialogue and relationality; contemplative inquiry and practice; curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment; and the aims of education.

Arden Henley

Arden Henley is the founding chair and present executive director of the Green tTechnology Education Centre. He is a past Vice President of City University in Canada and Principal of Canadian Programs. Arden has a BA from McMaster, an MA from Duquesne in Pittsburgh and a Doctorate in Education Leadership from SFU.

Bill Stovin

Bill Stovin is a retired journalist with a long career at CBC-TV and radio and in private radio as well as a former communications director in government.

Ross Thrasher

Ross has enjoyed a 30-year career as a librarian at post-secondary institutions in Canada, the U.S. and the South Pacific. Most recently he served for eight years as Library Director at Mount Royal College in Calgary, leading the library’s transition to university status. In retirement Ross maintains an active interest in literature, travel and the performing arts.