Kits Neighbourhood House 2020 - Climate Crisis Education

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House Winter 2020 NEEP Events

Neighbourhood Environmental Education Project
Community based education about environmental issues. Included town halls and community support groups.

Jan 22
7-9 pm
Kitsilano Neighbourhood House Community Solutions Meeting
This meeting took the excellent ideas that the Delphi process at the Kits House Crisis and Hope Town Hall Meeting on November 18, 2019 generated and further developed them into a community action plan.

Feb 19
7-9 pm
Topic: Learn about how whole foods and plant-based diets can contribute to environmental sustainability, animal welfare and your health. What is the medical evidence about the effects of our dietary choices? What are some nutritional and health benefits?

Speaker: Dr. David Steele is a retired molecular biologist who has worked for the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. He is the Vice-President of Earthsave Canada.

Feb 26
7-9 pm
Zero Waste In the Back Country
Topic: Maureen Nadeau(Moe) recently completed a solo mountain bikepacking trip through the Scottish Highlands, funded by the Neil Mackenzie Adventure Grant. During this adventure, Moe worked to minimize waste in any way possible.

Speaker: Maureen Nadeau (she, her, hers) with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences is now working for the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development. Moe is an environmental activist, passionate about promoting zero waste and conscious consumption through all parts of her life.

Mar 2
7-9 pm
Climate Support Group Kitsilano
After the Crisis and Hope Town Hall meeting November 18, 2019 we recognized that facing up to our challenging circumstances is no easy matter. To this end, Tom Heatherington met with those interested in a Neighbourhood Support Group at Kits House four evenings to respond to the emotional issues we all face.

Mar 4
7-9 pm
Ocean Wise Seafood
Topic: Oceans are integral and essential for life on earth. They play a critical role in supplying oxygen, supporting marine and terrestrial life, and regulating the climate. We depend on oceans. With billions of people depending on seafood as a primary source of food, we see overfishing, bycatch and habitat destruction. What are the main issues facing our oceans, what we can do to help, and what to look for when making sustainable seafood choices?

Speaker: Claire Dawson is the Senior Science Lead of the Ocean Wise Seafood Program.

Mar 11
7-9 pm
Topic: FABCYCLE is a textile recycling service. FABCYCLE collects fabrics and textile waste to transform them into resources. Learn more about their work, their available programs and how you can get involved.

Speaker: Irina McKenzie is an advocate for circular economy practices and sustainability in the fashion industry, and the founder of FABCYCLE.