The State of Purpose Governance in Canada

GTEC is happy to share the information of this free webinar: “What is the State of Purpose Governance in Canada?” Republished with permission from Coro Strandberg, Strandberg Consulting.

By Coro Strandberg

This is Purpose Governance Month and to celebrate the Canadian Purpose Economy Project published two reports on the role of the board of directors in providing oversight of organizational purpose.

This is to further its ambition that Canadian companies adopt and authentically implement a social purpose to make their optimal strategic contribution to long-term wellbeing for all and the planet. Social purpose businesses unlock all their enterprise capabilities, talents, resources, partnerships and influence in pursuit of their purpose. The social purpose acts as the company’s North Star, helping it steer and navigate through turbulent times and mobilizing employees and stakeholders around it.

The role of the board is critical to ensure that the purpose is relevant, guides strategy and is embedded in the culture. Yet, many boards are not familiar with this role. Without their leadership, there is a risk of purpose washing and purpose stagnation.

Check these publications out and sign up for a free webinar on June 14 to learn more. Even if you are not available to attend the webinar, you can register to receive a copy of the recording.


State of Purpose Governance in Canada 2024

Purpose Governance Guidelines for Boards

Free Webinar

What is the State of Purpose Governance in Canada?
June 14, 2024
1-2 pm ET

Learn about:

  1. State of purpose adoption by corporations
  2. Link between purpose and strategy
  3. Board oversight of purpose
  4. Role of purpose in board education and recruitment
  5. Best practices in purpose governance – and more.

Keynote speaker:

Coro Strandberg, Chair, Canadian Purpose Economy Project

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