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2021 Projects:

  • North Star for Youth

    An online program that connects youth to opportunities for summer employment, internships and other learning opportunities. The goal is to facilitate positive social engagement with a particular emphasis on opportunities in the green sector.

  • Gen Z Goes Electric (ongoing)

    Funded by the Fraser Basin Council, Emotive BC program. This project delivers education about electric vehicles to BC’s next generation of drivers via GTEC’s unique AI based application.

2020 Projects:

  • Kits House Winter 2020 NEEP Events (January – March)
    Neighbourhood Environmental Education Project

    Community based education about environmental issues. Included town halls and community support groups.

  • Rebuilding BC (March – September)

    A well-received report developed by the GTEC Council for the Green New Economy. Rebuilding BC provides a practical roadmap to a green, post-Covid economic recovery.

An Interview of Meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe by Bill Stovin

Featuring an Interview of Meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe on Climate Change

The GTEC Reader is published on this website and emailed to subscribers as a free access publication providing the community with a forum for information, dialogue and reflections about environmental issues.
> See Volume 3, Issue 1 — Articles this issue:

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Environmental Assessment Software:

A collaborative project of GTEC and Lunge Inc. Environmental Assessment Software (EAS) provides individuals and communities with a means of assessing and improving their ecological footprint.

GTEC is…

A Model for Sustainable Urban Living and Healthy Community
in the Rapidly Changing World of the 21st Century

VISION: The Green Technology Education Centre is at the forefront of solutions to the social and environmental challenges of our time.

MISSION: GTEC informs, supports and activates communities in responding to the climate crisis.


ONE Design, develop and present public education materials about green technology.

TWO Promote the adoption of green technologies through community education.

THREECollaborate with organizations that have similar objectives such as community agencies, universities and government departments.

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When Is It Too Late: An Open Letter to Hal

When Is It Too Late: An Open Letter to Hal

By Arden Henley I don’t think I found out whether you have children or grandchildren during our brief conversation in the waiting room at the dentist’s office. As I recall, it did not come up in our brief and cordial email exchange after this encounter either. To...

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Opinion: The Madness of Crowds

Opinion: The Madness of Crowds

by Ross ThrasherThe Madness of Crowds is the title of Louise Penny’s latest mystery novel, set as usual in the remote Quebec village of Three Pines. Without giving away too much of the plot, the story turns on an “inhumane” proposal to resolve the future problems of...

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Inspiration for the Beleaguered

Inspiration for the Beleaguered

By Scott Lawrance and Tara Souch Unprecedented. A word for these times. Pandemic, heat dome, catastrophic flooding, wildfires, and now the Emergency Measures Act. Yes, and is not each moment unprecedented, inviting us into the mystery of life day after day after day,...

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Student Voices

Student Voices

As the Executive Director of the Green Technology Education centre I am delighted to introduce the Student Voices series of blogs. This series provides an opportunity for high school students to publish their thoughts and feelings about the climate crisis and reach...

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Life On Low Heat

Life On Low Heat

By Markella from Richmond, BCIt is well-known that if you put a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will jump out. If you gently place a frog into a pot of lukewarm water and turn the heat on low, the frog will slowly acclimate to the warming water. As the...

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What is sustainability to me?

What is sustainability to me?

By Jenna from Richmond, BCWhat is sustainability? Sustainability means obtaining and acquiring our own needs, by encouraging humans to interact with the environment in a way that ensures that there will be enough resources left for our future generations. I believe...

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How do I Try to Be a More Sustainable Person

How do I Try to Be a More Sustainable Person

By Ashwin from Richmond, BCAccording to the Cambridge Dictionary the definition of sustainability is “the quality of being able to continue over a period of time”. I have made lots of life changes to become sustainable and to reduce the footprint I leave on the earth....

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The GTEC Board of Directors

Arden Henley

Executive Director

Arden HenleyArden Henley is the former Vice President of CityU Canada and a founder of the CityU counselling programs. Previously he was the Director of White Rock Family Therapy Institute, the Director of Clinical Services at Peace Arch Community Services, and the Executive Director of the South Okanagan Children’s Services Society. He is a former Advisor to the Provincial Counsellor Education Task Force and the former Chair of the Board of the BC College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Practitioners. Dr. Henley has a B.A. from McMaster University, an M.A. from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, U.S.A and a Doctorate in Education from Simon Fraser University.

Terry Stone

Vice President

Terry StoneAn enthusiastic professional with more than 20 years experience in Business ownership, Management and Marketing, Terry is passionate about respecting our planet and people. An avid wilderness junkie, he loves the saying “leave only footprints and take only pictures”. He has enjoyed working in fitness & rehabilitation, life safety, green-building, alternative energy, and sustainability. Still searching for the way he can make a large impact, he offers GTEC — critical thinking, problem-solving and strategic planning.

Norman Sam


Norman SamFormally educated at BCIT and UBC in Management and Finance, Norman’s careers and businesses continue to span the spectrum from corporate wellness to real estate development and technology start-up in the climate tech sector. Complementing these activities, Norman has also volunteered extensively with various non-profit and community service organizations. The common narrative among this diverse range of activities is a passion and desire to make his community and the world a better place.

Todd McGowan


Todd McGowanTodd McGowan is an education leader, outdoor adventurer and sustainability specialist. He lived and worked in Ethiopia helping design and implement English language teacher trainings in the Southern Region of the country. He was the Education Director and part of the design team for a 430-acre sustainable community development in Sechelt, BC that combined lifelong learning (including an international high school), senior living, agriculture, affordable housing, an eco-adventure park, an artisan community and a waterfront village along with vast greenspace and trail networks. The development aspired to be the most sustainable community in North America and support the 7 dimensions of wellness: Social, Emotional, Environmental, Spiritual, Physical, Occupational and Intellectual.

Neal Mutadi


Neal MutadiDr. Neal Mutadi is the president of NCEA, an organization dedicated to quality education. He has worked in national & international assignments. He was an instructor at UBC & director of San Diego State & City University leadership programs in Canada. He also served as principal, director of education & deputy superintendent of schools in British Columbia. Neal has a doctorate from Brigham Young University & has published articles in leading American & Canadian educational magazines. He has been actively involved in community groups, the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary International & the Heart & Stroke Foundation. He has enjoyed the beauty of our planet through world travel. He is committed to collaborating with individuals & groups who are passionate about protecting our planet.

Mary Charleson


Mary CharlesonMary Charleson is a Marketing Speaker, Educator, and Strategist. She is the author of Blog and weekly newsletter, featuring marketing tips for the time starved entrepreneur. Mary has two books: “Word of Mouth Mouse & Mobile” (2013) and “Five-Minute Marketing” (2010). She is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and the Global Speakers Federation. Mary delivers keynotes and presentations for private companies, associations, and conferences.

Gerry Zipursky


Gerry ZipurskyGerry’s extensive career in Community Development and Community Leadership includes many years in the Neighborhood House movement in Vancouver working at Gordon Neighborhood House, Mount Pleasant Neighborhood House, as well as being the founding Executive Director of South Vancouver Neighborhood House. He was the Executive Director of the Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver for 22 years. Gerry has also been a consultant to a wide range of community organizations and Boards.

Mary Kean


Mary KeanMary Kean is a retired couple and family therapist, published poet and writer, and editor of The GTEC Reader. She has been on the Board of GTEC since its inception and is totally dedicated currently to stopping and even reversing the Climate Crisis for the benefit of future generations.

Alisa Kaletsky


Alisa KaletskyAlisa is a lawyer. Prior to practicing law she worked in research and spent time working and studying in Israel. She is passionate about animal rights and welfare and shifting our consumption away from animals to reduce the significant impact of animal agriculture on greenhouse gas emissions.

Linda Thyer


Linda ThyerLinda practises family and sport medicine on traditional Coast Salish territories with a focus on youth over the past 20 years. She is a founding member of Doctors for Planetary Health – West Coast and is an active member of various medical, environmental and community organizations. She is grateful for the many nourishing and healing gifts of Mother Earth and works toward restoring health and peace for all.

Kim McLeod


Kim McLeodKim McLeod graduated from UBC with a degree in Physical Education. She worked in corporate health and wellness and then transitioned into high tech as a project manager/producer to develop a virtual personal trainer application. Passionate about all areas of healthy living she turned her focus to the built environment and completed a two-year program from Rosenheim Germany in building biology learning about sustainable healthy building design. With her expertise in research, sourcing, planning, and driving project execution, she applies building biology principles to both residential and commercial projects. A strong appreciation for nature, she thrives on trail runs, hikes, and skate skiing with family and friends.

Ricardo Mamonluk


Ricardo MamonlukRicky is a high school senior physics teacher who strives to equip his students with the 21st Century Skills necessary to succeed in our ever-changing world. Focusing on the movement towards harnessing and developing sustainable technologies, Ricky aims to inspire the next generation of creative thinkers and problem solvers. Ricky has BSc and BEd degrees from UBC, as well as a Professional Master’s of Education degree from Queen’s University.

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