GTEC Reader Vol 3, Issue 1 - Climate Crisis Education

VOLUME 3 – ISSUE 1, FEB 2022


Feature Interview of Meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe
on the Climate Crisis

Hospicing Modernity large book cover

Hospicing Modernity

“So far, we have not been able to effect a major change of inner attitude that would enable us to return from our extractive, non-renewing, industrial way of life to…

Poem: Stumps

what we took for dead dying decayed the stumps of cedar fir even hemlock many sprouting babies persist where living/dying among the young trees that stand around me now &…


Bill Stovin

Bill Stovin is a retired journalist with a long career at CBC-TV and radio and in private radio as well as a former Communications Director in government.

Linda Thyer, MD

Linda is a Vancouver based physician and member of the GTEC Board of Directors with longstanding interests in the health impacts of the climate crisis.

Colin James Sanders, Ph.D.

Colin lives with his partner Gail on BC’s The Sunshine Coast, where he reads, writes, paints, and walks the trails and beaches with their dog Garcia. Gail and Colin have seven grandchildren and believe Earth is worth saving for their sake.

Scott Lawrance, Ed.D., R.C.C.

Scott Lawrance is a writer who lives in Cumberland, B.C. He has done a lot of stuff, read a lot of books, and is disappointed that the world is getting worse but it’s still a beautiful place to get born into.