GTEC Reader Issue 3 - Climate Crisis Education

VOLUME 1 – ISSUE 3, Jan 2020

Article by Scott Lawrance
and much more…

The GTEC Reader –
A Voice For Change

“Much of the writing about the climate crisis uses the language of science, technology and economics. In this provocative article, Scott addresses psychological issues associated with the climate crisis. He proposes the rites of passage analogy as a means of understanding the transformative change that is required to accept and respond to this crisis.”


Cultivating the Horizon

GTEC Editor’s Introduction: In this winding road through his recently published memoirs Colin introduces the reader to Barry Lopez, an American author, essayist, and fiction writer whose work is known…


Scott Lawrance

Scott Lawrance, Ed.D., R.C.C. – A retired member of the B.C. Teacher’s Federation, Scott has taught at all levels of public education from grade two to post-Secondary. His current professional interests include Buddhist approaches to eco-therapy. Scott and his Salish Sea Eco-retreats partner, Tara Souch offer annual eco-retreats for wilderness guides and interested professionals. He is the author of four books of poetry and has, in the past, edited two poetry magazines, “Raven” and “Circular Causation”.

Ross Thrasher

Ross has enjoyed a 30-year career as a librarian at post-secondary institutions in Canada, the U.S. and the South Pacific. Most recently he served for eight years as Library Director at Mount Royal College in Calgary, leading the library’s transition to university status. In retirement Ross maintains an active interest in literature, travel and the performing arts.

Colin Sanders

Colin James Sanders PhD was involved with City University in Vancouver for twenty years, amongst other initiatives. Colin has contributed book chapters, articles, reviews and essays in academic, and poetry and poetics, book’s and journals. Over the decades, Colin has presented his work widely, including in Havana (Cuba), Taos (New Mexico), San Francisco, Toronto, Winnipeg, Nunavut, the Yukon, and Victoria and Vancouver (B.C.). Colin lives with his partner Gail on the Sunshine Coast, where he reads, writes, paints and chops wood!

C.S. Beamer

C.S. Beamer is a former journalist and author of three novels, two published under the pen name, Caroline Kean. A recently completed fourth novel, DOOMED DURANGO, co-authored with her daughter, Christine, will be open to representation in 2020.

Dan Jason

Dan Jason is a Canadian active in food politics, as an opponent of genetically modified foods and proponent of heirloom plants and seedbanks. He is a writer, lecturer, and runs a business providing heirloom seeds called Saltspring Seeds.