GTEC Reader Issue 6 - Climate Crisis Education

VOLUME 1 – ISSUE 6, AUG 2020

Feature Article by Arden Henley
and much more…

Our apologies for the lateness of this issue of the GTEC Reader. Like so many other facets of our lives COVID-19 has been disruptive.In this issue, which we might refer to as the COVID issue, several dimensions of the pandemic are addressed: its sheer brutality in an article by GTEC Reader editorial board member, Ross Thrasher; its relation to the climate crisis and bio-degradation as a whole by Vancouver physician and GTEC Board member, Linda Thyer, its transformation into lessons learned by GTEC Reader editor, Arden Henley, a review of a book about where ‘more’ is taking us, also by Ross Thrasher, and a haunting poem by BC poet and environmentalist, Scott Lawrance.

Over the summer the GTEC Reader editorial board elected to focus the next issues on specific themes and to publish quarterly rather than bi-monthly. The next issue of the GTEC Readerwill be published in October and the theme is Social Justice, the Pandemic and the Climate Crisis.

Be safe and be well.

Arden Henley
Chief Editor

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A Roadmap to a Renaissance

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Prophet and Fool

I come to you as prophet,I come to you as fool By Scott Lawrance   Mono-  poly-  animism Stories floating in th pool I come to you as prophet I…

The Undisguised Brutality of the Time

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Linda Thyer

Linda is a Vancouver based physician and member of the GTEC Board of Directors with longstanding interests in the health impacts of the climate crisis.

Arden Henley

Arden Henley is a past Vice President of City University of Seattle in Vancouver, and Principal of Canadian Programs. Arden has a BA from McMaster, an MA from Duquesne in Pittsburgh and a Doctorate in Education Leadership from SFU.

Well known for his innovative leadership style and thought-provoking presentations, Arden has practiced Organizational Development and Family Therapy for over 35 years and consulted broadly with community and government agencies. His recently published book entitled “Social Architecture: Notes & Essays” summarizes his experience as both a Therapist and Organization Development Consultant.

Scott Lawrance

Scott Lawrance, Ed.D., R.C.C. – A retired member of the B.C. Teacher’s Federation, Scott has taught at all levels of public education from grade two to post-Secondary. His current professional interests include Buddhist approaches to eco-therapy. Scott and his Salish Sea Eco-retreats partner, Tara Souch offer annual eco-retreats for wilderness guides and interested professionals. He is the author of four books of poetry and has, in the past, edited two poetry magazines, “Raven” and “Circular Causation”.

Ross Thrasher

Ross has enjoyed a 30-year career as a librarian at post-secondary institutions in Canada, the U.S. and the South Pacific. Most recently he served for eight years as Library Director at Mount Royal College in Calgary, leading the library’s transition to university status. In retirement Ross maintains an active interest in literature, travel and the performing arts.