Preparing your Organization for the 2024 Fire Season

As of March 2024 wildfires are already a hot topic in British Columbia. Persistent drought conditions, low snowpack levels and above normal temperatures are warning signs of an early fire season for 2024. About 90 wildfires were still burning in B.C., smoldering over the winter!

The B.C. Wildfire Service, B.C. River Forecast Centre, Minister of Emergency Preparedness Bowinn Ma, and Forests Minister Bruce Ralston have been urging British Columbians to prepare for another challenging wildfire season. The Federation of Community Social Services of B.C. and GTEC hope to help our community organizations get ready for this year’s fire season with this webinar.

About Preparing Your Organization for the 2024 Fire Season Webinar

Presented by the Federation of Community Social Services of B.C. and GTEC Executive Director, Arden Henley, this informative webinar includes information and research shared by leading experts with the goal of helping your organization prepare for this year’s fire season. Presenters included:

  • Fire Ecologist, Robert Gray, will share what to expect from the 2024 and future fire seasons. He will also go through steps you can take to prepare your organization and community;
  • The Executive Director of the Mental Health and Climate Change Alliance, Alexis Palmer-Fluevog, will share a personal story introducing the emotional and mental health impacts of fire and smoke. As well, she will go through steps to assist organizations and communities;
  • Physician Linder Thyer will address the medical impacts of toxic smoke and the preventative measures available. Linda is a GTEC Board member and co-founder of Doctors for Planetary Health; and
  • SFU Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, Anne-Marie Nicol will showcase the affordable, do-it-yourself air filtration systems that she and her colleagues have developed, tested and share in workshops in a number of communities.

Watch the Webinar:

About The Federation of Community Social Services of B.C.

The Federation of Community Social Services of BC represents a membership of agencies who provide support to individuals and communities in BC. Their member agencies span the entire province and offer a broad range of services to communities, people living with physical and mental challenges, vulnerable children, youth and seniors, new immigrants, people living with addictions or mental health issues, and those living in poverty.

Since 1982, they’ve been strengthening and supporting their members and BC’s community services sector by networking, exchanging information, building skills, and consistently bringing a balanced perspective to discussions with provincial and national decision makers.

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