Thriving People & Flourishing Planet

Thriving People & Flourishing Planet: Leadership in Action!

CCPL Pre-conference Course 2024

May 23, 2024 8:30-4:30

Facilitators: Meschino D, Henley A, Green S
Planning Team: Meschino D, Henley A, Green S, Sergeant M, Chan MK, LeBlanc C


Responding to the impacts of climate change on health and healthcare is an urgent challenge that requires emergency planning and immediate action by health professionals. Each new report shortens the predicted response window, now 3-5 years. Healthcare professionals have positional and moral agency required to develop and lead mitigation and adaptation strategies to help patients and health systems navigate current and impending impacts.

Prompt action will limit the escalation of climate change impact on human and planetary health. Climate justice and resilient, sustainable health systems are keys to success. Facing plausible yet uncertain futures, scenario planning is an effective leadership technique to strategize responses.

The course will apply the discipline of leadership to frame and address challenges pertaining to planetary health, social inequities, and declining health outcomes. Reviewing high-level, projected climate-related healthcare impacts, related costs and existing climate-healthcare initiatives will focus participants on urgent needs and opportunities. Facilitated small group leadership discussions follow to address climate crisis impacts. Groups will:

  1. Use specific scenarios derived from predictive data to describe possible resultant outcomes;
  2. Apply liberating structures to scenario outcomes to draft adaptation and/or mitigation measures, and
  3. Further develop measures as strategic initiatives.

The course will conclude with plans to implement these initiatives.


  1. Describe urgent climate-related impacts and opportunities for intervention.
  2. Apply scenario planning and health systems leadership in the healthcare sector for enhancing health and well-being at individual, community, and planetary levels related to climate change.
  3. Plan and organize commensurate strategies with implementation timelines.


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About the 2024 Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership

The theme for the 2024 Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership (CCPL) is Shifting the Paradigm. Attendees will gain valuable insights from the speakers and panel discussions to drive fundamental change in the health system. They will enhance leadership skills, connect with peers, learn in an inclusive environment, and engage in cutting-edge discussions.
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