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False Creek Climate Response Centre

First of Its Kind

The first of its kind in Canada, the False Creek Climate Response Centre (FCCRC) is a scalable, multi-faceted resource. It will serve the people of the False Creek area and the surrounding City of Vancouver community in responding to the climate crisis. The Climate Crisis Education Centre’s aim is to offer a supportive environment to discuss new ideas, learn new skills and generate innovative solutions. What makes this Centre unique is its direct engagement with community, its focus on public education and its inclusion of arts and culture.

False Creek Climate Response Centre

False Creek Climate Response Centre

What does the Centre aim to do?

The Centre will deliver educational experiences designed to accelerate the shift to a regenerative, just and resilient society. It will become a hub of organizations responding to the climate crisis. Sparking the regeneration of the urban environment and engagement with Indigenous values are critical parameters of the Centre’s development. Congruent with Vancouver’s aspiration to become the greenest city in the world, the Climate Response Centre will become the source of an emerging community of transformative, solution-oriented leaders.

Where will the Centre be located?

False Creek is in the heart of the city. Formerly an industrial site, the Creek has become a residential area and tourist hub. At its center, Granville Island welcomes 7-10 million visitations per year. Additionally, over 200,000 people pass over the Granville and Burrard Bridges daily, making it an ideal site to educate the public about the Climate Crisis.

Who is involved in the creation of the Centre?

The False Creek Climate Response Centre is a conjoint project of the Green Technology Education Centre and Friends of False Creek Society.