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Arden Henley had an excellent interview on Emily Poulin’s Veggies Before Noon podcast —

On this episode I have Arden Henley, the Executive Director of GTEC (Green Technology Education Centre) which is a non profit in Canada, B.C. that is addressing the climate crisis and solving the critical issues of today. Arden shares his life experiences and what he’s learned over the years being a family counsellor, educator and now climate activist. He leads us through a powerful visualization that helps you make the most of your life as well as shares his philosophy of the heart and mind connection when it comes to environmental vulnerabilities. Enjoy!

Arden was one of two featured guests on the Fresh Outlook Foundations podcast —

WEALTH IN MENTAL HEALTH: Mobilizing a Just & Green Economy

SUMMARY: Recovery from COVID-19 provides remarkable opportunities for transition to a just and green economy that would ultimately boost universal mental health. Policy professionals Trish Hennessy (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives) and Arden Henley (Green Technology Education Centre) talk about transformative concepts such as ‘doughnut economics’, ‘well-being budget’, ‘inclusive economy’, and the ‘three-sided coin’. They also explore how lessons learned about mental health during the pandemic, can guide economic reform while informing solutions to other global challenges, such as systemic racism and climate change.