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Wind turbines in fields to produce green energy

A Just Transition to Clean Energy

Necessary Adjustments? Compiled by Ross Thrasher Just Transition Sometimes the transition to clean energy runs into opposition from unexpected sources. The January 2023 issue of Harper’s Magazine contains an article ...
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Steveston pier reflecting in the water

World Poetry Day – Water Poems

World Poetry Day, March 21, is a celebration of our “most treasured forms of cultural and linguistic expression and identity. . . poetry speaks to our common humanity and our ...
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The Dawn of Everything A New History of Humanity book cover

The Dawn of Everything

What Graeber & Wengrow Have to Say to Salmon Nation as it Faces Responding to the Climate Crisis. Published in 2021, during the throes of the pandemic, Graeber and Wengrow’s ...
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Coro Strandberg and her partner celebrate the month of love in her Sustainability, Trends, Tips and Tools newsletter image

Coro Strandberg Celebrates February as the Month of Love

GTEC is pleased to share the brilliant work of Coro Strandberg. Coro is leading the way in developing social purpose business and board governance and defining the role universities can ...
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Ad for MHCCA climate change impact survey with abstract image of brain

MHCCA Climate Change Impact Survey

Let’s work together to understand the impacts of climate change! About the Climate Distress Survey Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) Mental Health and Climate Change Alliance is reaching out to Canadians ...
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scientific research improvements which can lead to improvements in the quality of climate distress services

On the Frontline of the Climate Crisis

This is the text of GTEC Executive Director, Arden Henley’s presentation to the 2nd Annual Summit on Mental Health and Climate Change, February 3, 2023 Thank you for the opportunity ...
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Young people protesting climate change

Co-Design of Climate Distress Services

Communities across Canada are already beginning to face a multitude of challenges related to the climate crisis. Many governments and organizations are making significant strides towards developing climate mitigation and ...
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Notes from the Frontline of the Climate Crisis

Notes from the Frontline of the Climate Crisis is the title of GTEC Executive Director, Arden Henley’s presentation to the Summit on Mental Health and Climate Change this Friday, February ...
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image depicting a cut old growth tree for environmental quotes blog

A Collection of Quotes on Environmental Matters

Compiled by Ross Thrasher The recent publications sampled below are well worth reading in full. Most of them are available at your local public library. John Gray, “The dangerous conceits ...
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Green Bricks Green Collar Futures Conference

Green Collar Futures

The "green economy" is changing the workplace in B.C. Learn about exciting and endless career opportunities. About Green Collar Futures Virtual Career Conference Are you a student in grades 9-12? ...
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