GTEC Reader Vol 3, Issue 2 - Climate Crisis Education

VOLUME 3 – ISSUE 2, May 2022


Feature Video Interview of Kasper Jensen, Danish Architect of Sustainable Buildings

Mount Assiniboine, British Columbia

Poem: No Rush

ThichNhat Hanh       remains Lotus in a sea of fire              Across the Pacific a suspension Bridge        (see the way                             Farers passing each way on it  The rhododendron leaves bow…

Oceans in Crisis

The United Nations has proclaimed the 2020s to be the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. According to the proclamation, “The marine realm is the largest component of the…

The Sea

O the cities here below! The men with a thousand arms! the stanchions of their upward gaze! the coral of their poetry! the sea dragons tenderized, meat for fleshy fish——…