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Say Yes to 100% Zero-Emissions Electricity in Canada

The David Suzuki Foundation is running a campaign to push for ambitious Clean Electricity Regulations (CER) in Canada. The Government of Canada is drafting new CER’s to drive progress towards a net-zero electricity grid by 2035.

With CER, we could have more affordable energy, create new jobs, and modernize our electricity system. Additionally, Canada would join the global shift to renewable electricity and increase our energy security. And, these efforts will bring us even closer to meeting Canada’s climate targets.

“Of course, the fossil fuel industry and its allies are working overtime to weaken these regulations and ensure profits continue to soar. Meanwhile, communities are dealing with a cost-of-living crisis, rising inequality, and accelerating climate impacts.” (Source: David Suzuki Foundation)

We can win against the powerful fossil fuel industry, if we join our voices together in support of aggressive CER. All Canadians will benefit from more ambitious regulations.

There are two ways to help support this campaign:

  1. Sign the Petition. Your letter will be sent to Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada; Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Environment and Climate Change; Jonathon Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources; Your provincial premiere; Your MP.
  2. Amplify the Message on Social Media. The Foundation has billboards and transit ads around Vancouver, Ottawa and Toronto, promoting 100% affordable, renewable electricity by 2035. If you see one, post a photo or video of the ad and let everyone know why you think Canada should go 100% by 2035.

About The David Suzuki Foundation

The David Suzuki Foundation is a national non-profit organization, headquartered in Vancouver, with offices in Toronto and Montreal. The Foundation works to conserve and protect the natural environment, and helps create a sustainable Canada through research, education and policy analysis. Their work focuses on Climate Solutions, Thriving Nature, and Sustainable Communities.

About GTEC

The Green Technology Education Centre is currently partnered with MHCCA to investigate the mental health impacts of the climate crisis on younger people. The goal of the project is to work with youth to develop Climate Distress Services to support young people dealing with climate change related distress.

We are also partnered with Friends of False Creek and Persephone Brewing in the development of the Climate Response Centre. The Centre will focus on coastal adaptation and education, as well as provide support and resources to the community. Additionally, the Centre will have programs like Climate Distress Services.