Climate Distress Services for Young People - GTEC

Climate Distress Services for Young People

Communities across Canada are already beginning to face a multitude of challenges related to the climate crisis. While many governments and organizations are making significant strides towards developing climate mitigation and adaptation strategies, building social and emotional resilience in the 16-25 age range is critical, as well as co-evolving the tools they need to create a regenerative future. Young people in the 16-25 age range have the most at stake as the climate crisis unfolds and, understandably, the most at risk.

Incorporation of Indigenous reconciliation and a focus on inclusivity are also critical parameters. This project leverages a partnership between academic research, The Green Technology Education Centre, and The Mental Health and Climate Change Alliance to develop a systematic process that will help communities provide supportive services for the 16-25 age group.

Development includes two multi-stage focus groups and ongoing meetings between GTEC and MHCCA researchers. Each focus group cohort will consist of 6-12 young people, recruited through the MHCCA and GTEC professional networks.

Each focus group will be interviewed twice to:

  1. Explore current reactions to climate change and
  2. Develop ideas about educational and support services that GTEC can offer to support young people. These focus group interviews and ongoing meetings between GTEC and MHCCA team members will be leveraged to develop a proposal that will aim to develop, pilot, and evaluate a service for climate change related distress among young people, aged 16-24.