Climate Distress MHCCA Summit 2023

The Mental Health and Climate Change Alliance (MHCCA) will host its second Summit on Mental Health and Climate Change on February 2nd and 3rd, 2023. The Summit aims to raise awareness and facilitate community engagement regarding climate distress (climate change and mental health).

Arden Henley, Executive Director of GTEC, presented a talk entitled “On the Front Lines of the Climate Crisis” at this conference. GTEC is very interested in mental health and climate change and is currently beginning the development of Climate Distress Services for young people.

Important Information

Speakers for the Summit were announced in January 2023. The Keynote will be given by Tim Takaro, entitled “Reflections on Climate Action as Therapy”
Register online here by January 27, 2023
Conference Dates: February 2/3, 2023 (virtual, by Zoom)
Cost: Free


A Canadian not-for-profit organization, the Mental Health and Climate Change Alliance is a community of interdisciplinary researchers, healthcare providers, and community organizers committed to identifying and addressing the adverse impacts of the climate crisis on mental health. MHCCA leads research projects that aim to build resilience to the adverse mental health effects of climate change. MHCCA produces the Journal of Mental Health and Climate Change – an open-access publication featuring scientific research on mental health and climate change.

About GTEC and MHCCA

GTEC has partnered with MHCCA to investigate the mental health impacts of the climate crisis on younger people. The goal of the project is to work with youth to develop Climate Distress Services to support young people dealing with climate change related distress. Climate Distress Services will be offered at the Climate Response Centre (under development with False Creek Friends).