Poems - GTEC Reader
pre-faceyeah, really – spent the day with Pictures of the Gone World.
he was such an inspiration back before my world began,
or should i say my world actually began with him
for in his wake came the others
who followed the same path
leaving the footprints for us to followfollowed into imaginations of West West West
of coasts that continue to unfold
from the back streets of Paris
and the whole Old World -& City Lights a beacon
on a Renaissance hill.
Mr Brown in Grade 9 reading
“The dog trots freely in the street
and sees reality
and the things he sees
are bigger than himself
and the things he sees
are his reality”Om ah hum,
off  now
to Poet’s Heaven!

Behold th boulder
Rank with barnacle’s bones.

Grey cloud globs
Swallow shreds with
Cutlass scything

I remember, I remember

Long houses

& th bay
of interlacing roots
ceremony & protocol
of fingers

tracing scud of
across the
windy strait

on the estuary
blooming with

easterly wind
cloud sky
a mesentery of greys
& momentary shudder of dark light


in fugitive hands
the direction home

the unsettled

something is broken
& the bone knowledge juts
through the skin
of the screen/scream

escaping from the plantation
running into the forest the swamps the mountains
swimming the rivers
running from the dark slavering dogs

me I am
just searching
for home a bed
i can
lie down in
and call
me home

my bones
sink into the sand
as raven sings

th dreem of saviour
wraps itself around you
like a bun around a wiener

You promise to fly off
& explode like a Musk blunder

the sky is no limit
for your muscular neck

this is yr cradle
that rocks u to sleep
that rocks u to sleep

you r a hot dog
in th mouth
of yr failure

do we fly into it
or fall?   empty  /   sky

(the Perfection of Wisdom sutras,
Prajna-Paramita, She Who Turns The Wheel,
Who holds the Text, Whose Heart
Spins The Stars, hear us
 Calling, as we fall)


I lie down to nap

And find myself

In front of a gate

Of 751 doors 751 mouths

Full of earth /  I must

Be as honest as able

Here. Hear the weeping

And not shut my ears, struggle

Even to keep them

Open. I do not know

How to live only that

I do  / refuse to

Look away.  Don’t

You dare  /  we must hold

our gaze.Be touched

Torn  /  open even

Our heart  lying there

An unmarked grave.

Where do we stand

In th dream? What

Shade inhabit

They called them

Shadows  as they crawled

Thru th halls of Hell.

I can only write

Graffiti on th walls

How else hold off

How else say

I love you   or my heart

Is crushed

By th world

Of hatred   how

& we still

go on   / can we

move differently now

whether we stand inside

or outside of th dream

Bison     rages across

Th prairie.


To keep from screaming

Or exploding.

knowing is

an antlerd beast

where language fails

th waters    fall

what if

your child never came home

Words that drip blood words that ooze serpents words that steal breath words that puke mountains words with steel farts hanging from their rafters all these words tumbling from other words fumbling towards other words when outside the words dripping blood dripping roses of agony oozing serpents circling equators of words th hammerhead shark circuls warily th dripping wandering endless words

it is not-griefbut shame

bids us to

hide our eyes   no we

do not ask   /   forgiveness

for we stand   alone   on th shore


down  cast  / we are cast down

who dare

abject     /   necks

bent    & fat bellies

peering into the wound
peering into the wound
peering into the wound
hearing into the sound
hearing into the sound
hearing into the sound
looking for defeat
looking for defeat
looking & listening
looking & listening
two rocks clack together
two rocks clack together
wind in the trees
wind rock th trees
rock trees wind
wound don’t let me go
wound don’t let me
follow me
into the bone









Kali Yuga

d a r k A e o n





my body sings one song my thots another song sings this day is refreshing oh canada now summons th wreck-age within which may lie treasure not to finish with a drum roll th littul ones wake they r warriors leading us thru th darkness is not th longing for home a terribul ache sang th third song wren rock ah wash





Ars poetica
To return u to yr selves
To return u, spin u
On th potter’s wheel
Is that it? No – it is
To sing out / only that:
elk bellows on th sand flats of
Salmon River
First thought is
Best thought, but
Then it dis-
Just breathe
And let the medicine
Do the work.
-July 3, 2020




Was born on stolen land
Rode a bike on stolen land
Ate ice cream on stolen land
Went to the dentist on stolen land
Rendezvoused in libraries on stolen land
Lost virginity on stolen land
Drank apple juice on stolen land
Wept on stolen land
Sought the Holy on stolen land
Protested the A-Bomb on stolen land
Walked on mountains on stolen land
Swam in the ocean on stolen land
Drove on beaches on stolen land
Marched for justice on stolen land
Ate a lot of stuff on stolen land
Took LSD & danced with plants on stolen land
Wrote some poems on stolen land
Went to Mexico & it was still on stolen land
Went to California it was all on stolen land
Went to Alaska it’s on stolen land
Everywhere I went was
Everybody I knew
Everyone I love &
I expect to die it’s all on stolen land

Well, I knew that or must have
Known that but it is like I didn’t know that
Did not know that the thief believes he is a victim.