Paint, Line and Word - GTEC Reader

Aubade – Vancouver

– Mary Kean

This morning is a morning for hot sweet tea,
the sky so gray it’s almost white, yet dark,
and our commons, Braemar Park, flat green
with the fall colours all round.
A cathedral of trees trembles over our street.
I’ve been picking through the bits and pieces
of my life, a Matisse in gold and blue.
The black crows and the dirty white gulls
busy with bugs and cigarette butts,
striding, as they do, around the yard.
Framed by the lattice of my Juliet balcony,
and the slats of the blinds, I step out to see you
as you traipse through the garden of kale
and lettuce, rhubarb, dahlias and herbs
on your way to work – so early. Whatever,
I wonder, waving, happened to play?
The long, crazy mornings of love as our teas
cooled in their cups. I was secunded to Canada
for tantra as you so noted in your mandala.
I want every day to be Saturday
which, of course, would ruin Saturday.
But now the light has really declared itself
and everything that was yawning has dissolved.



lettr 2 sumwun

– Bill Bissett

from mr neandrthal who fell 2 his knees
from his astonishment uv th emerging n huge lite in th
zeebra aftrnoon sky
hope yu ar having xcelent dayze n nites sum pat on th hed
sum raison d’etre but ahhh thers a loophole th hed ache uv
it all n anothr lettr sd wishing yu acceptans self realizing
dreems breths nth touch uv evreething wundr fills yr
amayzing present what yu dont need let go uv serenade
lettrs 4 stringd accompaniment tympani horns n piano now
n alwayze espeshulee as in along with as well as each beet n
wundrment cascading bliss n c ing thru th sumtimes opaque
mist n evreething an oboe thru th gold spheroid opning
listning a blu heron apeers holding an arrow saying cum
ths way softlee nth drum n guitar also feeds ths passage
thru th green n gold marsh lands

evn th diamond studdid nite ride
in ths enveloping sky lets go 2 th
room with no time n no walls or floor or
windows or ceiling ahhh ah what did yu say
mar kleening 2morro ther was no time 4 almost
a week n thn time returnd n assignmentz n
goals n we can meet with agen at
th mystik muffin in th south nth describabul
moments totalee dssolv alwayze 2 a nu
scene anothr mise en scene as well
n such reapeers agen sumwher els sew far away
alwayze like th image uv th huge freezr trucks parkd bhind
th hospitals in nyc 2 store n transport th bodeez
piling up