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Communities across Canada are already beginning to face a multitude of challenges related to the climate crisis. Many governments and organizations are making significant strides towards developing climate mitigation and adaptation strategies. However, building social and emotional resilience in the 16-24 age range is critically needed, as well as co-evolving the tools they need to create a regenerative future. Young people have the most at stake as the climate crisis unfolds and, understandably, the most at risk.

Help Us Co-Design Climate Distress Services

GTEC partnered with Simon Fraser University-based Mental Health and Climate Change Alliance in October 2022 (read the press release here). We are recruiting young people to help us co-design climate distress (mental health) services and supports for people worried about climate change.

Co-Design Study Procedure

  1. Complete a short questionnaire providing some information about yourself, your experiences with climate change, and your availability to participate in the focus group interviews.
  2. Participate in two focus group meeting conducted using an online video-conferencing platform, led by Drs. Arden Henley and Linda Thyer.
  3. All discussions will be treated confidentially.

Complete details about the study (including procedure, confidentiality, data collection/storage, etc.) can be found here.

Register for the Co-Design Interviews

If you are interested in participating in co-designing climate distress services, please Register Here. As compensation, you will receive a $50 honorarium for your participation in each focus group interview.

Results from this study will help GTEC and MHCCA develop, pilot and evaluate important and urgently needed services for climate change related distress among young people. GTEC plans to have climate distress services offered at the False Creek Climate Response Centre (in development).