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Apply Now to Take Climate Action – Join the Youth Climate Innovation Lab – Apply by August 21st!

Are you ready to connect with your passions, interests and skills to take climate action with your community? Are you ready to work on real world projects that address climate action and leave a lasting impact in your community? Want to be part of a group of young people working together to activate their communities to take climate action?

If you said YES – then keep reading!

This fall – CityHive is hosting the Youth Climate Innovation Lab. This latest program from CityHive is LIVE and they’re currently accepting applications for this climate action program! This is a cohort-based program for youth ages 18-30 living across Metro Vancouver. You will collaborate with municipalities, civic institutions and community organizations while learning, upskilling and creating bold actions to address climate challenges and advance a just transition.

You’ll have the chance to learn alongside 30 other youth from across Metro Vancouver as you work with community partners on real climate challenges. Over 14 weeks (between September 24th and December 5th), you’ll learn climate skills, leave with the tools to take action on issues that you care about and apply a justice and equity lens to climate work in the future.

If this sounds inspiring and interesting to you, follow the link below to learn more and apply via the written or video application portal to join this cohort.

Deadline to apply for this opportunity is Sunday, August 21st at 11:59pm.

We can’t wait to meet this new cohort on September 24th – apply today!

About CityHive:

Co-founders Veronika Bylicki and Tessica Truong have continually challenged the norm. They noticed that political leaders and decision-makers were not seeking out or valuing the input of youth. CityHive developed and hosted 30Network, a cohort program bringing together 30 young people under 30 years old to explore and develop projects to address various social issues. 30Network became a model for CityHive’s expanding innovation labs and cohort programs, including EnviroLab, City Shapers, and multiple civic education programs.

CityHive’s Vision:

We envision cities where youth are actively involved in civic planning, shaping, and decision-making. A youth-engaged city is a resilient, sustainable, and livable city – not only for young people, but for all current and future generations.

More information about CityHive can be found here.

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