How I Try to be More Sustainable - GTEC Student Voices Blog

By Ashwin from Richmond, BC
According to the Cambridge Dictionary the definition of sustainability is “the quality of being able to continue over a period of time”. I have made lots of life changes to become sustainable and to reduce the footprint I leave on the earth.

I am actively being sustainable by being able to make smart life decisions that won’t negatively impact our planet. For example I will not use straws ever since I found out how bad they can be for the environment. Before I found out how bad they were, I used to use them for my drinks. Now I use reusable straws which are way better for the environment and I no longer have to feel self-conscious about using them. I also used too many plastic water bottles. I could go through 4-5 a day. This was weighing too heavily on my conscience and I didn’t see myself being a sustainable person.

This is also an overarching problem related to how we have access to so many things so quickly like instant cold water or mass produced clothes but all these products have a terrible consequence on our environment and are not helping us maintain a sustainable planet. These are all ways I try to be a sustainable human by not using single use plastics and not buying clothes from big brands that mass produce them along with buying chocolate that is ethically sourced and not hurting rainforests. To me sustainability is being able to develop a functioning society where we can have all these great items and advancements, but not to impact our world’s fragile ecosystem.

In conclusion I believe that sustainability is being able to have a fully functioning society just like today’s, but without all that harmful plastics and products the only earth we have. I also am doing my job to not have any fast fashion products along with cutting out single use plastics. By doing this I am doing my job to help our environment and keeping a sustainable world.