Solastalgia Story Circle

Art in Climate Stories

Solastalgia recently hosted a successful poetry-writing event in January to explore feelings and experiences with the climate crisis. Their next series of events is Solastalgia Story Circle: Art in Climate Stories, starting Sunday February 4 at the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre.

Are you ready for the real talk? What made you care about climate change? How did art shape your climate journey? If you are ready to dive into engaging climate talks, connect with like-minded folks and share insightful eco-resources, then you will want to add the Story Circle to your calendar.

The Story Circle is an engaging third space for youth to discuss climate-centered topics in a laid-back environment. You will hear personal stories on how art can inspire and lead climate action.


Date: Sunday, February 4, 2024
Location: Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre,
7646 Prince Albert St., Vancouver
Event Time: 5:15 – 7:00 pm
Cost: Free (please register here)

About Solastalgia:

Solastalgia is a Canadian-based environmental initiative started from Apathy is Boring’s RISE program, funded by the Canada Service Corps. They are a team of university and early-career artists and organizers that aim to amplify youth voices around climate justice, eco-anxiety and the range of eco-emotions. Solastalgia’s mission is to empower individuals to become engaged environmental citizens through climate zines eco-events and creative arts.

The goal of Solastalgia is to normalize eco-anxiety and the large spectrum of emotions that Canadian youth feel as a result of the climate crisis and the planetary health crisis. They are doing this by amplifying youth voices and providing a platform for open discussion through artistic mediums.

The theme for the February 2024 issue of the GTEC Reader is Youth. We will have young people’s voices and interviews with youth-led organizations, including an interview with Solastalgia!

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