Poem: Prophet and Fool - GTEC Reader

I come to you as prophet,I come to you as fool

By Scott Lawrance


Mono-  poly-  animism

Stories floating in th pool

I come to you as prophet

I come to you as fool


Brilliant pool in which Darkness reigns

Empty pool through which bright light swims

Ebony pool in which ivory sings


I am the elder who bears poems and balm

The infant with ancestor eyes

The child with sun in his thighs

I am the youth on the beach

& the man in the town


Empty eyes open & cry

Seal pup rests in flippery wave


I followed the Buddha right out of town

Into the forest   along the river

Where the Ones Who Went Before

Gathered and waited to see.


They have always been here

You have always been there

The lovers on grass & children on swings

A tenderest Wind will peek through the door.


I come to you as prophet

I come to you as fool

I’m the lover, I’m the shadow

The gravedigger in the plague

Dancing on my grave


& out of the grave flowered the sun with the moon

call me a prophet     call me a fool