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For the inaugural event in GTEC’s Neighbourhood Environmental Education program, people crowded into a room at Kitsilano Neighbourhood House on Wednesday night, October 2 to hear Sara Fralin from the Fraser Basin Council, Emotive program talk about electric vehicles.

Fralin announced the BC government’s new incentive for higher-level charging stations adding to other federal and provincial incentives. She also highlighted the benefits of owning an electric vehicle such as superior performance, reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases, low maintenance costs, savings on fuel costs and the allowance to operate in HOV lanes.

GTEC Neighbourhood Environmental Education programs respond to the critical need to:

  1. Hasten the adoption of green technologies in the face of the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions
  2. Make information about green technologies more widely accessible and understandable
  3. Assist in restoring the presence of neighbourhood based community in a rapidly growing and densifying city

The next event in the series is a presentation on the important work of the Environmental Youth Alliance (EYA).

For a full schedule of events and register for the events of your choice see our homepage at

GTEC gratefully acknowledges the support of the Vancouver Foundation and the provision of space free of charge by Kitsilano Neighbourhood House.