The Alders by Peter Trower - GTEC Reader

The alders are the reoccupiers

they come easily and quickly into skinned land

rising like an ambush on raked ridges

jabbing like whiskers

up through the washed-out

faces of neverused roads.


The alders are the forestfixers

bandaging brown wounds

with applegreen sashes

filling in for the fallen firs

jostling up by the stumps

of grandfather cedars

leaning slim to the wind

by the logjammed loggerleft streams.


The alders are the encroachers

seizing ground the greater trees owned


but no more.


It is time for the alders.

Like a bright upstart army

they crowd the deadwood spaces


at last for the hand of the whole

unshadowed sun.


From “Between The Sky and the Splinters,”Haunted Hills and Hanging Valleys; Selected poems 1969-2004, p.33, Peter Trower.  Harbour Publishing,