Notes from the Frontline of the Climate Crisis - GTEC Blog

Notes from the Frontline of the Climate Crisis is the title of GTEC Executive Director, Arden Henley’s presentation to the Summit on Mental Health and Climate Change this Friday, February 3 at 11:15 am. Read more about the conference here.

One of the major issues arising from the climate crisis is the impact of an uncertain future on young people worldwide. Anxiety, depression, grief and rage are among the emotional reactions young people report experiencing. Public health research is increasingly focusing on this mental health tsunami.

Notes from the Frontline proposes that research play a much more active role in designing, supporting and evaluating community interventions, as well as understanding that a range of historical distortions in the cultures of the nations that contribute most to this crisis are key causal factors of mental health problems.

The conference is put on by a Canadian not-for-profit organization, the Mental Health and Climate Change Alliance, a community of interdisciplinary researchers, healthcare providers, and community organizers committed to identifying and addressing the adverse impacts of the climate crisis on mental health. MHCCA leads research projects that aim to build resilience to the adverse mental health effects of climate change. MHCCA produces the Journal of Mental Health and Climate Change – an open-access publication featuring scientific research on mental health and climate change.