Wonders of the Salish Sea - GTEC Blog

Wonders of the Salish Sea 2020 will be hosted by the Douglas Park Community Centre from April 6 to May 11 (no class Apr. 13). This program is a unique opportunity for all levels of learners to discover the wonders of the Salish Sea ecosystem with guidance from local scientists, naturalists, and environmentalists.

Some of the topics being presented this year are:

    1. Oceanography 101
    2. Plankton Dynamics
    3. Salish Sea Whales in an Ocean of Change
    4. Sea Birds – Current Trends and Citizen Science
    5. Stories and Poems of living along the Fraser River
    6. Seaweeds
    7. Intertidal Biology and Ecology
    8. Resilience in the Anthropocene
        and more.

Field trips on April 25 and May 9 are to Lynn Creek in North Vancouver and to a Stanley Park beach at low tide.

Register at Vancouver Recreation
by phone 604-257-8130,
or at 801 West 22nd Ave.
Ages 17+. $50.

More information at wondersofthesalishsea.com