Collingwood 2020 events - Climate Crisis Education

Winter 2020 NEEP events at Collingwood Neighbourhood House

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These events will be held at:
Collingwood Neighbourhood House
Main House
5288 Joyce St
Vancouver, BC

Collingwood House front

Feb 6
7-9 pm
Collingwood House Crisis and Hope Town Hall
The Green Technology Education Centre, in conjunction with Collingwood Neighbourhood House, is holding a NEEP (Neighbourhood Environmental Education Project) series of events each week starting February 6, 2020 with the Collingwood House Crisis and Hope Town Hall.

Residents of Collingwood are invited to express their feelings, thoughts, and emotions around the Climate Crisis, and work with other community members to form concrete action statements using the Delphi Process.

Mar 5
7-9 pm
Climate Support Group Collingwood
GTEC and Collingwood House are happy to provide support after the Crisis and Hope Town Hall meeting. Facing up to our challenge is no easy matter. To this end, Tom Heatherington would like to meet with those interested in a Neighbourhood Support Group at Collingwood House that would meet four evenings to respond to the emotional issues we all face.
Click here for Climate Support Group Resources

Feb 12
7-9 pm
Hub Cycling
Topic: Find out about cycling in Vancouver, safety tips, how to navigate and plan your routes, and how to purchase a bike. Learn more about how to get involved with HUB Cycling through their many events and educational programs.

Speaker: Tracy Wilkins is Hub Cycling’s Special Events Manager. A Vancouverite born and raised, she has lived and studied in pro-bike cities such as Montreal, Amsterdam, and Lund, Sweden. This has contributed to her passion for strengthening Vancouver’s biking community and promoting sustainable lifestyles.

Feb 19
7-9 pm
Saltspring Island Seeds
Topic: This is Dan Jason’s 32nd year of promoting a safe, sustainable and local agriculture. Find out what kinds of plants take up the most carbon emissions. Dan Jason will share his exciting work in saving heirloom seeds and exporting seeds worldwide.

Speaker: A passionate gardener since he planted his backyard in Montreal at age 13, Dan Jason is committed to empowering people to grow their own food and save their own seed. Since 1976 he has specialized in heritage and heirloom open-pollinated and non-GMO seed varieties of vegetables and plants.

Feb 26
7-9 pm
Topic: Learn about how whole foods and plant-based diets can contribute to environmental sustainability, animal welfare and your health.What is the medical evidence about the effects of our dietary choices? What are some nutritional and health benefits?

Speaker: Dr. David Steele is a retired molecular biologist who has worked for the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. He is the Vice-President of Earthsave Canada.

Mar 4
7-9 pm
Mobi by Shaw Go
Topic: Mobi by Shaw Go is Vancouver’s bike share program. The program hopes to promote cycling as an easy and convenient way to explore the city.

Speaker: Samantha Drew, the Vancity Community Pass Coordinator for Mobi will be discussing the environmental and health benefits to bike sharing, how to register and use the program, and more.