Coro Strandberg Sustainability Trends, Tips and Tools

GTEC is delighted to shout out the brilliant work of Coro Standberg. Coro is leading the way in developing social purpose business and board governance and defining the role universities can play in shifting to a regenerating society. This is Coro’s Trends, Tips and Tools newsletter from Strandberg Consulting.


Hope. Hope is my drumbeat. While the social and environmental indicators are spiraling out of control, I have been steadfast in my conviction that humanity has the compassion, ingenuity, and know-how to put society on a sustainable footing. I am particularly encouraged by efforts to centre Indigenous knowledge and diverse perspectives into our social and economic systems. We crossed the Rubicon during the pandemic with the death of George Floyd and the discovery of the unmarked graves of Indigenous children in Kamloops, B.C. Those two epochal events are reverberating and transforming organizations.

I am also encouraged by my young adult children shown here, and their generation. Trained as climate leaders, they and their cohort are being equipped to take an intersectional perspective in their work. Thankfully, young people are teaching us to question the formerly accepted narrative as they are not invested in it and do not benefit from it.

So let me introduce you to Mireta Strandberg-Salmon, who is a circular economy analyst for Environment and Climate Change Canada, and her brother Brennan, whose summer job is to help design the Canadian government’s climate lens. Their education and work experience have given me a front row seat to witness the new crop of leaders soon to be running our institutions. And what I see inspires me. Brennan’s initiative (BC Council for International Cooperation [BCCIC] Climate Change Youth Empowerment Program) is a finalist for the David Suzuki Foundation’s Future Ground prize. You can learn about Brennan’s project as a finalist here and place your vote. Public voting ends June 13.

I hope you have inspiration and young people in your life to energize you for the work that lies ahead.
Read on to see what I’ve been up to these past months and to find out about a free webinar on social purpose business.

You will see I keep drilling into the role of business in society, the role of industry in society and the role of boards in society—as we join forces with our children to upend the status quo and foster flourishing futures for all.


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