Emotive BC Presentation - GTEC Climate Crisis Education

Emotive BC – Wed, Oct 2, 2019

On Wednesday, October 2, 2019 Sara Fralin gave a talk on behalf of Emotive BC at Kitsilano Neighbourhood House as part of the Neighbourhood Environmental Education Project series of talks sponsored by GTEC.

Please enjoy this video – (56 mins 40 secs)

Please excuse the poor lighting. This was our first attempt at video recording these events. 🙂

Emotive is a B.C. wide campaign to raise public awareness about plug-in electric vehicles.

The goal of the campaign is to inform the public about how FUN it is to drive an EV, without promoting one brand over another. Emotive works in collaboration with government, EV Ambassadors, and Community Partners.

Plug In BC, a Fraser Basin Council (FBC) program, is the administrator of this campaign on behalf of the Province of BC.

Ways to Connect

Website: emotivebc.ca

Facebook: facebook.com/emotivebc/

Instagram:: @emotivebc

Plug In BC: https://pluginbc.ca/outreach/

Incentive Programs: https://pluginbc.ca/incentives/

Ask an EV Expert

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Send us questions about anything you ever wanted to know about electric vehicles but didn’t know who to ask. Submit your question along with your email address and we will respond within two business days.

Become an EV Ambassador

If you’re an EV owner, or are passionate about EVs and want to help promote electric cars in BC, we encourage you to sign up to become an EV Ambassador. We’re always welcoming new Ambassadors to volunteer at events or share their EV stories with us through social media. We also offer EV Ambassador training as part of the Community Outreach Event Kit.

Apply for Funding to Host Events

The Emotive Community Outreach Incentive Program offers support and funding to communities and local governments in British Columbia to assist with delivering Emotive electric vehicle (EV) outreach. The program is designed to empower individuals, communities, and organizations to deliver Emotive activities and events that raise awareness about plug-in EVs throughout BC.

Questions? Contact

Sara Fralin, Fraser Basin Council

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