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Cases Increase while States Begin to Open in the US

Cases Increase while States Begin to Open in the US – Covid19

by Ross Thrasher reports 3.3 million worldwide coronavirus cases as of today, April 30, and 233,000 deaths. The USA has topped 63,000 fatalities from COVID-19, and on Monday exceeded the ...
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This is just intermission

Reflections on a Pandemic – Covid19

by Ross Thrasher No numbers this time, just some rambling thoughts about how some good could emerge from the pandemic that is strangling our world. In spite of denialism and ...
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A brighter future


by Arden Henley, GTEC Board Chair This is a brief account of GTEC’s response to the COVID-19 crisis. Like so many people, groups and organizations, GTEC is changing its shape ...
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Covid19 Cases Consistently Increasing Daily

Cases Consistently Increasing Daily – Covid19

Rosco Reports by Ross Thrasher The COVID-19 virus continues its relentless march around the globe, with total cases consistently increasing daily by around 80,000 and deaths by several thousand per ...
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The Positivity Rate – Covid19

Rosco Reports IV by Ross Thrasher Today's international coronavirus totals: 2.4 million cases and 165,000 deaths.  The USA represents nearly one-third of these cases and almost one-quarter of the fatalities ...
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The Coronavirus Curve – Covid19

Rosco Reports III by Ross Thrasher On April 15 the global tally of coronavirus cases passed the two-million mark, growing by 80,000 daily.  25% of these have recovered and 6.5% ...
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The world is temporarily closed

Canada-USA Comparison – Covid19

Rosco Reports II by Ross Thrasher The penetration of this pandemic into all jurisdictions is quite remarkable.  Case in point: the American states and Canadian provinces, not one of which ...
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Person wearing face mask

Peaks & Plateaus – Covid19

Rosco Reports on Covid-19 by Ross Thrasher The coronavirus continues to rage worldwide. As of today the WHO has recorded more than 1.6M cases and 95K deaths, a fourfold increase ...
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Photo of man with face mask


Shakedown: a radical change or restructuring, particularly in a hierarchical organization or group. It is disturbing. It is troubling. It seems unfair. Our plans for the future are in doubt ...
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