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The Next 100 Days – Covid19

By Ross Thrasher The Institute for Health Metrics & Education at the University of Washington has just revised its COVID-19 mortality projections to December 1st ( For each country over ...
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The beast that will not die

The Beast that Will Not Die – Covid19

By Ross Thrasher On July 22 the Institute for Health Metrics & Education has once again updated its country-by-country COVID-19 mortality projections ( Unfortunately two of the current hot spots, ...
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Statue of Liberty New York harbour

America in Distress – Covid19

By Ross Thrasher Like a cluster of wildfires, COVID-19 is raging across the sunbowl states of Florida, Texas and Arizona. Many other states have also experienced rising rates of infection ...
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Canada Flag

Covid-19 on Canada Day 2020

By Ross Thrasher Happy Canada Day! The "true north strong and free" has not quite slain the COVID scourge yet. Outbreaks among migrant workers in the Windsor, Ontario area and ...
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Disproportionate COVID-19 Impacts

By Ross Thrasher It's ironic that the affluent countries of Western Europe and North America have borne the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic so far. Generally speaking these nations are ...
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Covid-19 map for Shape of the Curve article by Ross Thrasher

Shapes of the Curve – Covid19

By Ross Thrasher We tend to think of the coronavirus curve as a single symmetrical mountain shape.  However COVID-19 can often trace other paths. Bactrian camels are rare in Iran, but ...
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Testing for Covid-19

Quarterly Roundup – COVID19

By Ross Thrasher I hope you have found my frequent musings on the pandemic informative and interesting. It has been a cathartic exercise for me to document the unfolding of ...
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Cold vs Flu

Covid versus Flu – Covid19

By Ross Thrasher How does COVID-19 compare to influenza? The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 12,000 to 61,000 American deaths annually since 2010 can be blamed on the ...
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Photo of sign to Covid-19 testing centre

Testing – Covid19

by Ross Thrasher My previous posts have included some rather basic analyses of the data on COVID-19. I have focused mainly on total cases and deaths in various countries, ...
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Worldwide Spread of Covid-19 Continues

Worldwide Spread Continues – Covid19

by Ross Thrasher Measuring and predicting the progress of COVID-19 is not an exact science, as explained in this informative website: A Comic Strip Tour Of The Wild World Of ...
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