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plastic waste

Using the 3 R’s to be Sustainable

Isabella from Richmond As the worldwide population increases, it is inevitable that waste will continue to pile up and pollute our environment, that’s why it is so important to implement ...
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The Future of AI in Canada

Excerpted from: The Future of AI in Canada

In the spring of 2021 GTEC partnered with Lunge Systems in developing an AI mediated application that GTEC used to deliver an online educational program about the electrification of transportation ...
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Doctors for Planetary Health demonstrate at the BC Legislature Nov 4, 2021

Doctors for Planetary Health at the BC Legislature

Photo by @arvinoutside Introduction by Arden Henley On Thursday November 4th Doctors for Planetary Health held a rally on the steps of the BC Legislature. Below is the text of ...
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Justin Brower and Gavin Phillips

GTEC Goes Electric Again

By Arden Henley In the spring of this year GTEC delivered an online program for youth called GenZ Goes Electric. The goals of the program were to inform young people ...
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Environmental Youth Alliance Rewilding Still Creek: youth-led habitat restoration

Rewilding Still Creek: youth-led habitat restoration

Youth from the Environmental Youth Alliance have been contributing to the ongoing restoration of native habitat along Vancouver and Burnaby’s Still Creek as part of a three year project in ...
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Consider what affects our indoor air quality

Let’s Breathe! – How Indoor Air Affects Our Health

Written by Kim McLeod and Diana Klein We spend approximately 90% of our time indoors so let’s consider the air quality of our indoor spaces and how the air we ...
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IPCC Sixth Assessment Report

Sixth IPCC Assessment Report

Briefing Notes Sixth IPCC Assessment Report: Implications and Responses Objective To provide an overview of the implications of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report and actions that the Green Technology Education ...
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CERBC logo

Climate Education Reform BC – Updates and Next Steps

Republished with permission from CERBC August, 2, 2021 Following the successful launch of our Reform to Transform (R2T) campaign, Climate Education Reform BC has been continuing to further develop and ...
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The Nada Story on World Ocean's Day

The Nada Story on World Ocean’s Day – June 8, 2021

(Re-printed courtesy of Nada Grocery - ) As a marine biologist, Nada’s CEO & Co-Founder, Brianne Miller, has witnessed first-hand the devastating impact of plastic on the environment. It’s ...
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Reflections on connecting with wilderness through the practice of wilderness vigils

By Scott Lawrance: Wilderness Vigils Tara Souch and I offer a wilderness solo opportunity each year on a quiet mountain on Salt Spring Island located on the traditional Indigenous territory ...
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