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Electric car takeoff just waiting for inevitable price war

Expect the personal computer shakeout to repeat itself once EV sellers start to compete on price After driving a couple of electric cars, I find it easy to see why ...
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Dyson to make electric cars from 2020

Dyson, the engineering company best known for its vacuum cleaners and fans, plans to spend £2bn developing a "radical" electric car. The battery-powered vehicle is due to be launched in ...
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Where Are Canada’s Missing Electric Cars?

The race is on for electric vehicle supremacy. Last week, China — the world’s second-largest economy and consumer of about one-third of new cars — announced it will set a deadline ...
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A Tiny Self-Sufficient House Aims to Make Us Rethink Sustainability

A group of architects and engineers in Ottawa are building a tiny, totally self-sufficient house that people might actually want to live in. In a small alcove at the rear ...
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The UK will install solar energy in 800,000 low-income homes

The U.K. is set to provide as many as 800,000 low-income homes with free solar panels over the next five years in the biggest green program the country has ever ...
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How 139 countries could be powered by 100 percent wind, water, and solar energy by 2050

The latest roadmap to a 100% renewable energy future from Stanford's Mark Z. Jacobson and 26 colleagues is the most specific global vision yet, outlining infrastructure changes that 139 countries ...
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Cummins Beats Tesla To The Punch, Unveiling Heavy Duty Electric Truck

Cummins, a leading maker of diesel and natural gas engines for commercial trucks, unveiled a Class 7 heavy-duty truck cab Tuesday featuring an advanced 140 kWh battery pack that it ...
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China’s Clean Energy Success Stories

Last month, Clean Energy Canada's Merran Smith and Dan Woynillowicz visited Beijing, China for the eighth annual Clean Energy Ministerial. Watch as they share a few success stories from the ...
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Hanergy to Partner With Audi to Put Solar Cells on Car Roofs

Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Ltd., the Chinese solar equipment maker whose shares were suspended more than two years ago after they lost almost half their market value in a ...
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City’s online poll reveals most aspire to drive electric vehicles, but don’t own them now

The City of Calgary is a step closer to formulating a strategy for electric vehicles. New feedback from residents will be used to help draft recommendations on enabling home and ...
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